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This is where you can find information on Virtual (ZOOM) services at Fryerns Baptist Church.

You are welcome to join us physically or virtually. In light of the pandemic many who have been shielding or self isolating have found the virtual option as a source of spiritual refreshment. The chapel still remains a safe sanctuary for face to face meetings (with well-distanced seating arrangements).



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Mission Aviation (MAF) -During Covid-19 Pandemic

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) flies medical, relief and life-transforming help to vulnerable people in hard-to-reach places.

MAF was born out of the ashes of WWII when a handful of RAF men dreamed of using aviation to help those living in the most isolated places. Founded in 1945, MAF’s early assets were the vision, passion and determination of a handful of pioneers, who shared a love of aviation and strong a Christian faith.

In 2020 MAF reached 75 years of service but the celebrations have now been postponed till 3rd July 2021. Location: Westminster Central Hall, London, SW1H 9NH

Book your ticket to attend here.

But at the heart of all they do is a desire to see people transformed physically and spiritually in Christ’s name. Prayer is a vital part of this vision and Fryerns Baptist Church supports MAF.

Mill Grove Home – Have faith in God 2020

Mill Grove children’s home open day May 2020

Fryerns Baptist Church supports and prays for children and the team at Mill Grove children’s home. The home has been open for over 120 years. Since November 20th 1899, when Herbert White asked Rosa Hutchin to provide a home for a little girl, Rosie, who was grieving and destitute because her mother had just died.

It was a spontaneous expression of their Christian commitment and love. Rosa shared her little flat, and Herbert agreed to provide the necessary finance. Herbert had lost his own mother as a teenager, and so he knew from personal experience something of the pain of separation.

This year 2020 the open day was held in May as Keith White and the team at Mill Grove continue believing and having faith in God.

More about the home here.

CPR – A Virtual Day in Prison


Thank you to those who’ve registered to join us. Please forgive us a final appeal but we know that many plan to register and then get overtaken by events.

If you’re available to join us this Saturday afternoon from 3pm, it’d be wonderful to see you at our Virtual Open Day. We’re planning for the event to last no longer than an hour, and feature some wonderful encouragements from ex-offenders, inspiring testimonies from those working ‘inside’, and updates from HMPS. 

The registration link is below; please register early if you can. (It’s helpful to us to know who’s coming and also to make sure you receive the zoom link in good time).

The day will be run as a zoom webinar. This means we will be able to know who’s attending, and you will be able to submit questions in advance and also on the day. If you would like to send in a question in advance, please send them to

Hope to see you there,

Warmly in Christ,

David Fortune & Brian Edwards

You are invited to a Zoom webinar. 

When: Sep 26, 2020 03:00 PM London 

Topic: A Virtual Day in Prison with CPR

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Sermons by Harry Huyton

Harry Huyton went to be with the Lord on 03rd August 2020.

In a sense, we have been blessed as a local church by so much already through the passionate messages of encouragement, gentle words of correction and the prods to heed the gospel message that came through Harry – and we are truly grateful to God for this.

On this page, we want to reflect one more time on recorded messages and admonishment that came through the lips of Harry Huyton as he spoke about Christ and his love for sinners who come humbly in repentance to the cross where there is forgiveness.

The gospel is easily forgotten (Heb 2:1) Harry Huyton – 2014

Other messages:

We could easily forget the gospel (John 3) Harry Huyton -2014

You were dead in sin and tresspasses – Harry Huyton – 2014

The benefits of the cross and the condition of the human heart (Is 53) Harry Huyton- 2014

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing. (2 Tim 4: 7- 8)

Re-Gathering but with some Safeguards

***Fryerns Church Announcement***:

Fryerns Baptist Re-Opens from Fryerns Baptist on Vimeo.

30th July 2020 – In line with the recent church risk assessment to reduce Covid-19 transmission during congregation worship as we re-gather beginning on Sun 02 August, we have made sure there are some safeguards which will be reviewed regularly.

Here are some of the safeguards to reduce infection contained in our risk assessment:

  • Please do not come to church if you have unexplained fever or symptoms of suspected covid-19.
  • Those over 70 years and those medically vulnerable are advised to heed health guidance in line with government guidance not to attend face to face mass gatherings (for the time being as we continue assessing the risks).

But for those who will attend face to face Sunday worship:

  • Please let us know you intend to attend so that an appropriate seat or seats are reserved for you or family. Email:
  • Ensure you arrive early (from 10.30 am) and should follow the one-way traffic system in place. (All must be seated by 10.50am atleast)
  • You will be expected to wear a facial covering/mask and use available hand sanitisers at entrance/exit sites.
  • You will have to maintain social distancing at church (No handshakes, hugs or kisses). The seats have been specially spaced and arranged according to household groups or singles.
  • To enable contact tracing and in line with government advice, a record of all attendees will be kept for 21 days.
  • Donations and offerings should be done thru treasurer (online or bank transfer) if possible. (A collection box will be at the entrance for those who find it difficult to use above services)
  • No Lord’s table or communal eating/drinking (subject to monthly review)
  • There will be no face to face Sunday school – all parents/guardians will be expected to sit with their children until the end of the service.
  • Once in the church building please remain seated till advised to exit row by row by the ushers thru special designated exits.

ZOOM video conferencing will continue being used to stream Sunday worship services concurrently. (Wednesday bible study and Youth group meetings will remain on Zoom)

Let us look after one another and be our brother’s keeper so that we are safe during this rather unpredictable transitional period.

(Keep checking the church website for updates and as situation changes further risk assessments will be made and updates posted)

The full church risk assessment document is available upon request from church deacons and Pastor. Email:

Sermons from 2015 and 2014

Welcome to the archives of Fryerns Baptist church

Year 2015

27 Dec – Unto us is born a saviour (Luke 2) by Billy Young

27 Dec – (Evening) Do you see what I see? (Luke 2 continued) by Billy Young.

13 Dec – What did Jesus say about his birth? (John1) by Robert Winston.

06 Dec 2015 – Jesus heals a man but warns him (John 5) by Graham Field

15 Nov 2015- King David and the ark of the covenant (2 Sam 6) by Roger Neil.

15 Nov 2015- Jesus of Nazareth (John 1) by Alan Greenbank

08 Nov 2015 – Handing our anxieties to God (Ps 55) by Paul Woodbridge

01 Nov 2015 – A church that is proud and arrogant (1 Cor 4) by Billy Young

25 Oct 2015- A church that needs to grow up (1 Cor 3) by Billy Young

18 Oct 2015 – The mystery of Calvary (John 19:17) by Allan MacDonald.

11 Oct 2015 – Mephibosheth finds grace and mercy (2 Sam 8) Allan MacDonald.

27 Sept 2015 – The Ethiopian eunich and the good news (Acts 8) by Billy Young

20 Sept 2015- The baptism of Jesus (Matt 3) by Paul Reed.

13 Sept 2015 – Three modern idols (Isaiah 57:15) by Peter Ninnis

06 Sept 2015- Jesus the wonderful saviour (Isaiah 9) by Robert Winston

16 Aug 2015 – The nominal religious Christian (Rom 2) by Geoff Gobbett.

02 Aug 2015 – The folly of the cross (1 Cor 1:18) by Billy Young.

19 July 2015 – The compassion of Jesus (Luke 7) by Paul Reed.

12 July 2015 – The unsearchable riches of God (Eph 3:18) by Alan Greenbank

05 July 2015 – The parable of the ten virgins (Matt 25) by Alan McDonald

28 Jun 2015 – Divisions in the church (1 Cor 1: 10) by Billy Young

21 Jun 2015 – Jesus is coming back soon (Matt 24:1-14) David Cordle

21 Jun 2015 – How then should we live (1 Thess 4) by David Cordle

14 Jun 2015 – Remember Lots wife (Luke 17:23) by Robert Winston

14 Jun 2015 – Jesus came for sinners (Luke 15) by Robert Winston

31 May 2015 – Forgiveness (Matt 6:14-15) by Paul Woodbridge

31 May 2015- Do not let your hearts be troubled (John 14) Julian Rogers

10 May 2015 – The law and faith in Christ (Gal 3:10) by Ian Jemmett

03 May 2015 – Jonah the reluctant missionary (Jonah) by David Quinn

03 May 2015 – Jesus’ continuing love for his people (John 21) by Malcolm Wallace

26 April 2015 – Introducing the Corinthian church (1 Cor 1) by BillyYoung

19th April 2015 – Stranger on the shore (John 21:4) by Keith White.

12 April 2015 – The grace of forgiveness (1 John 1:9) by Robert Winston

12 April 201 5 – The joy of forgiveness (Psalm 323:1) by Robert Winston

05 April 2015 – Easter: Where is Jesus now? (Acts 2:33) by Ian Jemmett.

03 April 2015 –Good Friday: It is finished (John 19:30) by Billy Young

29 Mar 2015- The Lord is in need of thee (Luke 19:34) by David Cordle

22 Mar 2015 – When God saves people we don’t like (John 4) by Billy Young

22 Mar 2015 – Ridicule, threats and anger at Gods work (Neh 4) Billy Young

15 Mar 2015- The temptations of Jesus (Luke 4) by Paul Reed

08 Mar 2015 – Is Jesus precious to you? (1 Pet 2:7) by Alan Greenbank

08 Mar 2015 – The precious Word of God (2 Tim 3:16) by Malcolm Wallace

01 Mar 2015 – God glorious on the throne (Rev 4) by Billy Young

22 Feb 2015 – Are you a son of Abraham? (Gal 3:7) by Ian Jemmett

22 Feb 2015 – God watches over His word (Jer 1:11) by Ken Davies

15 Feb 2015 – Connecting with God’s salvation (Rom 4) by Geoff Gobbett

15 Feb 2015 – Leaving the comfort zone (Heb 11) by Geoff Gobbett

01 Feb 2015 – Jesus and the woman at the well (John 4) by Robert Winston

01 Feb 2015 – Running the race (1 Cor 9:24) by Robert Winston

25 Jan 2015 – Things of earnest importance (Gal 3:1-5) Ian Jemmett

18 Jan 2015 – Being loyal stewards (1 Cor 4) by Paul Reed

18 Jan 2015 – Come, follow me (Mark 1:16-20) by Paul Reed

Year 2014

28 Dec 2014 – Everybody helps to rebuild the walls (Neh 3) by Billy Young

28 Dec 2014 – The God of comfort (Isaiah 40) by Billy Young

14 Dec 2014 – The benefits of the cross (Isaiah 53)  by Harry Huyton

07 Dec 2014 – A God so merciful (Psalm 57) by Roger Neil

07 Dec 2014 – Do all roads lead to God? (John 6) by Ian Jemmett

30 Nov 2014 – Jesus heals a blind man (John 9) by Maurice Titmarsh

30 Nov 2014 – Jesus and the pharisees (John 9) by Maurice Titmarsh

23 Nov 2014 – God answers prayer (Neh 2) by Billy Young

16 Nov 2014 – The joy of the Lord (John 17:13) by Paul Reed

09 Nov 2014 – God sees everything; Nothing is hidden from Him (Heb 4:13) by Bryan Miles

09 Nov 2014 – Greater love has no man shown (John 15)  by Ian Jemmett.

26 Oct 2014 – The prayer of a righteous man avails much (Neh 10) by Billy Young

26 Oct 2014 – Three lessons from the conversion of Paul (Acts 26) by Julian Rodgers.

12 Oct 2014 – I through the law died (Gal 2:19) Ian Jemmett

05 Oct 2014 – Harvest: Three things about God (Ps 107) by David Cordle

05 Oct 2014 – Eve: The mother of all living (Gen 3) by David Cordle (Evening)

21 Sept 2014 – Indentifying indwelling sin (Col 3) by Geoff Gobbett

21 Sept 2014 – Sin: The bullying nature within (Rom 7) by Geoff Gobbett

07 Sept 2014 –An overview of the book Jude (Jude)  by David Beard

31 Aug 2014 – Are you in the family of God? (Rom 8: 14-17) by Maurice Titmarsh

31 Aug 2014 – Jesus paid it all (Phil 2:1-11) by Maurice Titmarsh

24 Aug 2014 – The backslider’s prayer (Jonah 2) by Michael Acidri

24 Aug 2014 – The gospel is easily forgotten (Heb 2:1) by Harry Huyton

17 Aug 2014 – The actions of a loving heart (Matt 26) by Geoff Gobbett.

17 Aug 2014 – A call to love (1Peter 1:22-23) by Geoff Gobbett.

10 Aug 2014 – The Throne Room of God (Rev 4:1-11) by Bill Young.

03 Aug 2014 – Man’s reconciliation with God (2 Cor 5:18) by Mike Henson.

27 July 2014 – Are we now people-pleasers? (Gal 1:10) by Ken Davies.

27 July 2014 – A Christian’s justification and election part 4 (Gal 2:16) by Ian Jemmett.

20 July 2014 – What is the Church for? Ernie Addicott

20 July 2014 – How do you make disciples of the whole world? (Missions) Ernie Addicott

13 July 2014 – The doctrine of Jesus the King (Psalm 2) by Chuck Bosio (Evening)

13 July 2014 – The King Jesus Christ on the throne (Matt 25:31-46) by Malcolm Wallace

06 July 2014 – The doctrine of justification prt 3 (Galatians 2:16) by Ian Jemmett

29 June 2014 – The doctrine of the resurrection (John 20:19-31) by Keith Cullwick

29 June 2014 – Nehemiah weeps and petitions God (Neh 1:1-11) by Simon Woodhouse

22 June 2014 – The doctrine of justification  prt2 (Gal 2) by Ian Jemmett

15 June 2014 – King Uzziah fails while Isaiah gets a call from God (Isaiah 6 1:8) David Cordle

15 June 2014  – Come and let’s reason together ( Isaiah 1:18) by David Cordle

11 June 2014  – **A charge to Fryerns**: The local church (1 Tim 3:14-16) by Geoff Gobbett

01 June 2014  – The doctrine of justification prt 1 (Gal 2:1-21) by Ian Jemmett

01 June 2014 – You were dead in trespasses and sin (Eph 2:1) by Harry Huyton

18 May 2014 – I marvel you have turned so soon to another gospel (Gal 1:6) by Ken Davies

18 May 2014 – The working SON of the working Father (John 5:1-18) by Malcolm Wallace.

11 May 2014 – The heart of man and the righteousness of God (Rom 3:21) by David Fortune

11 May 2014  – Patient endurance and the Christian walk  (Rev 1:1-20) by Ian Jemmett

04 May 2014  – We could easily get distracted from the gospel (John 3:1-18)Harry Huyton

04 May 2014 –  Missions: Sacrifices are unavoidable (John 10:11-18)  by David Quinn

04 May 2014  – (Asia Link)  Evangelism missions in Mongolia by David Quinn

27 April 2014 – My Lord and my God (John 20:28) by Trevor Argent (Evening)

27 April 2014 – The gospel is not man made (Gal 1:11)  by Ian Jemmett

20 April 2014 -Easter: Mary Magdalene and the empty tomb by Paul Reed

18 April 2014 – Good Friday: And there they crucified Him (Luke 23:33) by  Robert Winston

06 April 2014 – Jonah and the heathens (Jonah 1:1-17) by Michael Acidri (Evening)

06 April 2014 –The Church will always be persecuted (Gal 1:6-9) by Ian Jemmett

30 Mar 2014 – God ordains all seasons (Eccles 3:1-22)  by  Maurice Titmarsh (Evening)

30 Mar 2014 – Pleasure is vain (Eccles 2:1-26)  by   Maurice Titmarsh

23 Mar 2014 – Loving the Lord (Mark 12:30)     by   Trevor Argent

16 Mar 2014 – The Real You (John 6) by  Geoff Gobett

09 Mar 2014 – A Psalm of David (Psalm 24)   by    Malcolm Wallace

02 Mar 2014 – Not ashamed of the Gospel (Rom 1:16)  by Julian Rogers (Evening)

02 Mar 2014 – Is the church  relevant? (Gal 1:1) by Ian Jemmett (Morning)

23 Feb 2014 – Pilgrims in this world (1 Peter 2:11-21) by Adrian Tribe

16 Feb 2014 –  Boasting in Christ (1 Cor 1) by Paul Reed

16 Feb 2014 – Who is the greatest? (Mark 10:35-45) by Paul Reed

09 Feb 2014 – And the greatest of these is love (1 Cor 13) by Ian Jemmett.

14 April – No confidence in the flesh (Phil 3:1-21) by Josh Williamson

Fryerns: Exalting Jesus on Easter Sunday

easter imageEaster Sunday 2015 was an encouragement at Fryerns Baptist Church as the believers focused on the power of the cross and Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. The family service was  led by Ian Jemmett and focused on the resurrection of Christ and the new life we have in Christ.

The Sunday school and children’s department which currently consists of children under the age of 12 years were enthusiastic in joining in the family service. They sang hymns (click on link) in praise to God and recited memory verses they had learnt. Benie (8 years) recited Psalm 121:1-8; Shauna (7 years) recited 1 John 5:18 and Galatians 3:9 and Chaelle (8 years) 1 Cor 10:13 and John 3:36. This was capped with a group recitation of PSALM 23 including Toluwalase (8years) plus the youngest member of the children’s ministry Hephzibah (4 years). This Easter all members of the children’s Sunday school department  each received a Bible as a gift. We pray and hope that they will continue to know God’s blessing as they continue to read and listen to the preaching of the word of God. (Listen to children’s session here).

God has faithfully added to the church membership at Fryerns Baptist Church. Fryerns Baptist Church by the grace of God has become a multi ethnic church with people who love the Lord from all the four corners of the earth. We got to hear some encouraging testimonies of what God has done in the lives of three church members.

Prabhakar was born in India into a Roman Catholic family. Much of the traditions in the church didn’t mean make sense to him till a lady  who was once a Hindu and had become a Christian encouraged him to read the Bible for himself.  He testifies of his gratitude to God in leading him to realize his helpless state as a sinner and the need for salvation through repentance and faith in Christ.  (Listen to Prabhakar’s testimony here)

Francis was born in a Christian Nigerian home and grew up doing things like devotions and going to church as routine but he had never come to know the Lord as his saviour. It wasn’t until his teenage that he heard a preacher talk about his own need of a personal saviour – that was when he came to have an inner peace at knowing that his sins were forgiven. (Listen to Francis’ tesimony here)

Barbara was born in South Wales and her first Christian influence was through her godly Christian grand mother who was the church organist. She encouraged her during visits to go along with her to church. Her father was not christian but allowed her to attend Sunday school. Barbara came to know the Lord as she continued to be involved in Christian youth work during her teenage and when she reached college was baptized by immersion with encouragement from a good friend (who has remained a life long friend called Glenys). Barbara also testifies of God’s answers to her prayers and faithfulness during numerous trials in her life. (Listen to Barbara’s testimony here)

Sermon: Ian Jemmett’s Easter message on Acts 2:33 – Where is Jesus now?

Grace Baptist Mission annual mission’s day 2014

Grace Baptist Missions Annual Mission's Day 2014 Grace Baptist Mission’s annual mission’s day on 25th Oct 2014:

The 2014 missions day was held in Euston, Central London at the large and elegant Friends House. Above is a panoramic photograph of the large auditorium just before it got filled to capacity as Christians from all over England came to hear of missionary endeavors. Despite saddening news from the Middle East of civil unrest and extreme violence towards Christians, there were exciting reports of new believers still coming to faith in Christ in lands far beyond the shores of the British isles that warmed our hearts. However the immense challenge of many more yet who have not even heard the gospel still remains a looming need. There is still a lot of work to be done in the fields and there are great needs to be prayed for. Here are some of the prayer requests and below are a few photos from the mission day:

  • GMB Mission Coordinator exhorted and reminded believers with a message from Col 1:6 where Paul encourages us with the truth that ‘all over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing’.
  • Missionary to Poland: Andrzej Kempczynski reported how catechism was solidifying discipleship; however requests prayer for helpers in church work, good health and more conversions.
  • GBM radio prayer requests for contacts in Ebola affected areas. Pray that the radio programmes will help pastors out in remote parts who do not have easy access to Bibles or Bible study material.
  • Missionary to Brazil:Jason Murfitt reported of converts in Amazonian basins and creeks among people groups who were once cannibals; however requests prayer for more field workers and wisdom in reaching many more people through the creek and river evangelism outreaches.
  • Missionaries to Kenya: Graham and Sally Jones request prayers as they consider evangelising highland areas and for more missionaries. The rousing prayer cry from Nairobi seems to be ‘come over and help us’.
  • Missionaries to China: Some good progress as interest in gospel and bible study takes root.
  • Missionary from Paris, France: Hannah Prior ministers among women leading Biblestudies; requested prayers for lasting fruit among students and young people from around the world who have come to hear the gospel while in Paris.

May God make more churches sending churches; a church that sends or supports a missionary makes an immense investment in the kingdom of God.

We look forward to the next GBM Annual Missions day in October 2015 when all roads will lead to Solihull, Birmingham if the Lord tarries.

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