Welcome to this new page! We are excited about the gospel and would like to keep the focus of mission alive even during an unprecedented viral worldwide pandemic. This year  we have created this special space or page where we can come and remind ourselves of God’s unfinished work of taking the gospel into all the world. In the making of disciples we have the task of maintaining a Christian witness and with this comes the ongoing task of challenging different world views with biblical standards. This page has videos and audio bites (featuring GBM, Asia Link, The Christian Institute, MAF and Proclamation Institute Zambia) to encourage Christian witness.


Grace Baptist Mission (GBM) At the heart of all we do is our confidence in the grace of God. We believe that mission starts in the heart of God. He foreknows, chooses and calls all who will be saved. He is the instigator of all our mission, calling people into his service, and sending them out through his church to all nations.

Here is an update: 

Audio (below): GBM Radio update sent to Fryerns Baptist Church by Andrew Cook.

Download: GBM Radio update mp3

“How about Asia?” you may ask. Well, Asia Link ministries recently celebrated the 20th year of ministry in 2019, we [were] prompted to pause and reflect on what God has been doing through their endeavours.

In the video below members of the staff team gathered to share reflections on their experiences in Asia, and of the ongoing effort to reach the unreached people of Asia with the Gospel.

The Christian Institute: Recently run an encouraging story of…wait for it… (yes) a politician. A God-fearing politician testifying to his fellow statesmen of his trust in God during Covid-19 pandemic. Watch video below:

MAF: How about unreached parts of the world? Well, for now 75 years, MAF has been flying light aircraft over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts. MAF enables more than 2,000 aid, development and mission organisations to bring medical care, emergency relief, long-term development and Christian hope to thousands of communities.

MAF team actually made a special short film about a village in Papua New Guinea which is inspired by real-life events, so you can hear that powerful sound now, and see the transformation an MAF plane can make throughout a person’s lifetime.


The Church in Zambia is growing at an encouraging rate but ….there is a big problem…..the rise in number of Christians is not matched by an increase in the number of trained pastors. Young Christians and untrained pastors are vulnerable to prosperity teaching and a message that combines true Christianity with traditional African beliefs.

PIZ trains preachers in order to grow churches. Pray for the ongoing work of PIZ…pray for the unreached in Africa.

(Latest PIZ updates are here)

Lets go tell the world of God’s goodness and grace!