Mission Aviation (MAF) -During Covid-19 Pandemic

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) flies medical, relief and life-transforming help to vulnerable people in hard-to-reach places.

MAF was born out of the ashes of WWII when a handful of RAF men dreamed of using aviation to help those living in the most isolated places. Founded in 1945, MAF’s early assets were the vision, passion and determination of a handful of pioneers, who shared a love of aviation and strong a Christian faith.

In 2020 MAF reached 75 years of service but the celebrations have now been postponed till 3rd July 2021. Location: Westminster Central Hall, London, SW1H 9NH

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But at the heart of all they do is a desire to see people transformed physically and spiritually in Christ’s name. Prayer is a vital part of this vision and Fryerns Baptist Church supports MAF.