flowersGod has faithfully added to the church membership at Fryerns Baptist Church. Fryerns Baptist Church by the grace of God has become a multi ethnic church with people who love the Lord from all the four corners of the earth. We got to hear some encouraging testimonies of what God has done in the lives of three church members.

Prabhakar was born in India into a Roman Catholic family. Much of the traditions in the church didn’t mean make sense to him till a lady  who was once a Hindu and had become a Christian encouraged him to read the Bible for himself.  He testifies of his gratitude to God in leading him to realize his helpless state as a sinner and the need for salvation through repentance and faith in Christ.  (Listen to Prabhakar’s testimony here)

Francis was born in a Christian Nigerian home and grew up doing things like devotions and going to church as routine but he had never come to know the Lord as his saviour. It wasn’t until his teenage that he heard a preacher talk about his own need of a personal saviour – that was when he came to have an inner peace at knowing that his sins were forgiven. (Listen to Francis’ tesimony here)

Barbara was born in South Wales and her first Christian influence was through her godly Christian grand mother who was the church organist. She encouraged her during visits to go along with her to church. Her father was not christian but allowed her to attend Sunday school. Barbara came to know the Lord as she continued to be involved in Christian youth work during her teenage and when she reached college was baptized by immersion with encouragement from a good friend (who has remained a life long friend called Glenys). Barbara also testifies of God’s answers to her prayers and faithfulness during numerous trials in her life. (Listen to Barbara’s testimony here).

More Testimonies of God’s grace:

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